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Upcoming events

Popular Music Group/Real Ale and Cider Appreciation Group

There are going to be 2  Poacherline Music Trains in December

One again bound for Bateman’s brewery and one just one stop away at the Vat & Fiddle in Nottingham

As usual there is musical entertainment on board and at the brewery.

Please contact John Lewis for more details

If anyone would like to join the groups or come to any gigs/connoisseur tastings, please contact me by phone on 01949 831530, text/whatsapp/whatever on 07428 418777 or e-mail at

New Short Course - Supporting Brain Health -The course will cover the main aspects of nutrition, physical activity, cognitively engaging activities, social engagement and sleep, that support brain health. The course consists of four one hour weekly seminars with time for questions and discussion; Thursday mornings 11-12, October 11th, 18th, 25th, and 1st November. Seminars will be held in Room 1 of the Methodist Centre, and there will be a small charge to cover expenses (£1.30 per session). Please email Lindsay Evett  at if you wish to attend.

Monthly Meetings for 2018- 
held in the New Methodist Centre at 2pm on the third Wednesday of the month
The full 2018 Speaker Programme can be printed from the file at the bottom of this page

-19th December 2018 - 'Well Versed' - a 5 piece ensemble plus pianist who take a 'Light Bite' at life with a Christmas themed performance PLUS Christmas refreshments.

Monthly Meetings for 2019

16th January 2019                             Speaker: Tony Waltham                               Talk: Slowly up the Ganges

 A journey following the great sacred river that is the Ganga starts in the urban chaos of Calcutta, passes through the holy cities of Varanasi and Haridwar, glimpses the Taj Mahal and climbs into the foothills of the Indian Himalaya.Dr Tony Waltham is a geologist who graduated from Imperial College, London and studied in the mines of Norway for his PhD.  He was then a university lecturer for many years in Nottingham, where he taught mining and civil engineering and pursued research into ground stability and geohazards.

Travel to faraway places has always taken all his free time and the geological interest has taken him all over the world, notably to almost every country in Asia.  In his younger days, cave exploration was a major delight, taking him on expeditions to caves in many countries, to the Himalayas of both Nepal and Tibet and then to the great limestone lands of China.

Author of more than a dozen academic books and innumerable scientific papers, he now enjoys taking his own photographs for books, articles and lectures for a wider audience.  He has taken geology tours to Jordan, Alaska, Kamchatka and elsewhere,  made films for television, still manages his Geophotos picture library and is on the Editorial Board of Geology Today.  He has always loved the great outdoors and still travels extensively – always with his wife, Jan, who appears as scale on many of his photos.

20th February 2019           Speaker: Nigel MacKnight          Talk: ‘Life as an Author – Holding on Tight’

This will be a multi-media presentation consisting of short film clips, black and white and coloured pictures, words and a little music to illustrate 100 years of the history of speed on the water.   Nigel has interviewed over 300 notable personalities during his career and his presentation involves various elements of his life and career woven into a human interest story.   Nigel also leads a team that is building a boat to bring the World Water Speed Record back to Britain.

20th March 2019 Speaker: Stephen Flinders       Talk: The Life and Travels of  Robert Bruce Napoleon Walker or – what do the Battle of Trafalgar, Princess Agnorogoule Ikoutou of the Gabon and the speaker’s wife have in common? 

This talk is about how Steve took on the challenge to sort the truth from the fiction when it came to his wife’s family history and the remarkable story which he uncovered in the process.  A sort of ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ for the ordinary person.   Steve has had an interest in history from a childhood and has been involved with public speaking for around 10 years after being asked to give a presentation to his local history society in Ilkeston on an archaeological dig he had been involved in. 

17th April             2019       Speaker: Steve Stevenson                                           Talk “Drive on”

This is a relaxed, light hearted, informative awareness talk aimed at promoting a safe and prolonged driving experience for mature drivers.   During the afternoon there will be a fun driving themed quiz and discussion. Steve works for Nottinghamshire County Council’s Road Safety team, delivering road safety education to a wide section of Nottinghamshire’s population. 

15th May 2019            Speaker: Vince Eager                 Talk:  “You’re never too old to Rock ‘n’ Roll”

Join Vince as he recalls his heady days as a major pop star in the late 1950s & 60s.  He appeared on prime time television every Saturday evening and toured with the top British and American stars. Vince was a Pioneer of British Pop Music, a Recording Artist, Raconteur, Author, Broadcaster and Cruise Director.   Vince now gives a lot of his time to the RSPCA and is a Trustee of this Charity.

 19th June 2019         Speaker: Janice Moulds                          Talk: ‘Gardens of the National Trust’

When reading an old magazine Janice came across an article “What Does Your Garden Mean To You” and it started her thinking what we like to see in a garden.  Her thoughts covered a multitude of ideas and she went on to wonder whether the gardens at National Trust properties would cover all eventualities.  She leaves it up to you to decide if she was right.  Janice will use slides to illustrate her talk. Janice has been a volunteer for the National Trust at Woolsthorpe Manor for 22 years and a speaker for the National Trust for over 10 years.   She visited Bingham U3A back in 2015 and gave a very enjoyable talk entitled The National Trust in the East Midlands. 

 17th July  2019     Speaker: Ron Goodley                                 Talk:  My Life as a Chauffeur

In January 2000 Ron made a major career change after working over thirty years in furniture manufacturing.  His talk will describe the starting up of a new business, the trials and tribulations of the early days and how his business has grown to produce a large turnover providing an executive chauffeuring service.   The past 19 years has given Ron many wonderful memories and the opportunity to meet so many fascinating people from all walks of life.  His presentation will be informative, interesting and amusing.   

  No August meeting                              

18th September  2019     Nigel Lowey                       Talk: The Transformation of St. Pancras

This talk is for anyone with an interest in history, world-class architecture, elegant engineering, or a great story.  Nigel describes how the fantastic mid-Victorian Gothic railway cathedral came to be built and how the long-neglected building underwent a breath taking transformation.           Nigel Lowey is from the Mapperley area in Nottingham, whose original amateur interest in St. Pancras over ten years led him to get further involved and become a minor expert described as a historian of the building.              

 16th October 2109                            AGM and Social                                Presentations from Groups

 20th November 2019       Speaker:  Mike Storr                                      Talk: “Masters of Mirth”

This is a whimsical look at some of Music Hall’s laughter makers.  During the presentation Mike will explain how Music Hall began and talk about his favourite music hall characters. He will give examples of their acts including their famous monologues.  Mike will illustrate his talk with slides. Mike was born in Lincoln where he lived for the first 25 years of his life.  He has subsequently been made a Freeman of the City of Lincoln.  He worked for I.C.I in ‘far, flung places’ …. Slough, Cambridge, Bristol before settling in Nottingham in 1979.  Mike has been a Rotarian of 35 years and is an experienced public speaker.

 18th December  2019       Speaker: Dave Moylan                                  Talk: Comedy, Magic and Me!

Dave Moylan is a professional comedy magician.  He talks of his life in the world of show business, recalling his work with some of his country’s best-known entertainers incorporating many hilarious tales and anecdotes and some bewildering magic tricks along the way.    This talk has magic, music and nostalgia but above all it has lots and lot of laughter. Dave has been involved in the world of entertainment for much of his adult life.  First as a musician playing all kinds of music all over the UK (and Germany), then as a magician, practising his deceptions far and wide at fetes, galas, parties, corporate events, weddings and such.  Dave is currently resident magician at Warwick Castle, where, as well as performing at some of their very posh events, his comedy magic stage show forms the highlight of the medieval banquet - The King Maker Feast. 


Bingham U3A's 20th Anniversary
Bingham U3A would like to celebrate its 20th Anniversary in 2020 with a bit of a do. I know this seems a long way off but we request your suggestions  of how to make this an event that everyone will like and which will be appropriate for the occasion.
Following the results form the questionnaires sent out earlier this year we are arranging a special speaker for the meeting in September 2020 together with various other activities - such as a boat trip and quiz afternoon with tea.
Please contact Val Scott on 01949 837376 with your ideas or post your suggestions in the Box at the Monthly Meeting
Also contact Val if you would like to help with this event.

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11 Jan 2018, 05:17