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New Interest Groups

New Interest Groups
Although we have about 40 interest groups we are always looking for people to set up and lead new groups.  If the subject you are interested in is not available - what about setting up your own group?

  • You do not have to be an expert to lead a group and help and advice is always available. 
  •  Please contact Lindsay Evett, Group Co-ordinator, on 01949 851115 to discuss any ideas you have.

Running a Group involves the following:
  • Keeping details of the regular members so that they can be contacted
  • Taking enquiries and giving information to any U3A member that wants to join the group
  • Setting up dates and venues and maybe refreshments or delegating these duties!
  • Occasionally attend a meeting of Group Leaders
  • Send information/reports to the website and Newsletter as required
  • or you could just organise a rota to do all or some of the above!
New Short Course
The Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall a three week mini-course To mark the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall on 9 November 1989 and its impact on communism in Eastern Europe, Bingham U3A member and German Studies specialist, Professor Marianne Howarth, is offering three illustrated talks charting the path towards the Wall’s construction in August 1961, its impact on daily life in Berlin and East-West relationships, and the events leading to its unexpected and dramatic opening. Less than a year later came German reunification – and new challenges. The talks will run from 10.00 am -11.00 am in Room 2 of Bingham Methodist Hall on the following Thursdays: 10th October, 17th October and 24th October 2019. Places are limited so to reserve your place please book in advance by contacting Marianne at or on 07966-589751.

New Groups 
Writing Group 
 I have looked around for a group which might be interested in sharing members’ writings, creative or otherwise, but haven't been able to find one locally. I would like to start a group this autumn/winter and I'm looking for anyone interested in joining it. I only started writing myself about 18 months ago having never written any fiction since primary school, well over 60 years ago. Once I had some ideas I found it almost addictive. I profess no particular expertise but I'm happy to coordinate and facilitate the group. I would also add, no experience necessary! I anticipate that the group would probably meet monthly at venues to be mutually agreed. I am happy for the group to meet in my house which is in Scarrington or anywhere else suitable bearing in mind that I am disabled and access needs to be appropriate. If anyone would like to join this group please contact me at or on 07809 226285. Once two or three people have expressed an interest I will set up the first meeting. I look forward to hearing from future writers.                  Gordon Wallace

Craft Group
Beryl Kemp is interested in starting a Craft Group so please get in touch with her with ideas or to show your interest
Beryl Kemp 01949 839728

Italian for Beginners  This group has been set up to help us learn a little Italian for use on trips and holidays. This group will resume in February. We are working through the Buongiorno Italia with John Lewis at the helm. The group meets on Fridays 2-3pm in Old Church House. You are also welcome to come along if you need to brush up on Italian you learnt a while ago.

Photography Group A new photography group is now up and running - meeting on the 1st Friday of the month in Room 2 of the Methodist Centre 11-12am. It doesn't matter what equipment you use. Only enthusiasm is required!
Please contact Simon on 07714 706114 or email

Short Courses
Following the success of the short courses we have already run 
(History of the Workhouse, Brain Health and Climate Change) we are hoping to run more of these.
Please contact Lindsay Evett if you might be willing to run one or have any suggestions for a course you would like to see offered. Lindsay Evett: 01949 851115, 

Suggestions for New Groups looking for leaders:
We have also had the following suggestions for groups but we need members who are willing to share their expertise:

  • Country &/or square dancing
  • Countryside and Nature
  • Embroidery 
  • Fine Dining
  • Walking Netball
  • Craft Group
  • Poetry 
  • Play Reading 
  • Science

  • Could you help with any of these - or do you have any other suggestions??

Success Stories
Groups which started in 2019: 
Computer Users Workshop: The idea is to share skills and knowledge on a variety of IT platforms. Our next meeting is on Thur 26th Sept, 11.00 am in Room 1 of the Methodist Centre. All abilities welcome. Contact Rob Callum. 07885 441949 

 Badminton - another regular group that has evolved from an 'I'd like to Have a Go' session. Tracy Kemp is now running this group on Fridays fortnightly at the Leisure Centre 5-6pm.  Contact Tracy on 01949 851435

Guitar Group - this is an exciting brand new group which started in March 2019 and is still finding its feet.  Theresa Noakes is running the group and has had a couple of meetings at her home but is looking for a more permanent venue.  The group is not limited to guitar players - ukes, banjos, drums, recorders etc are welcome as well as singers. Contact Theresa on: 07712 273426