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Interest Groups

Interest Groups

This is a list of the current interest groups.  Please contact the group contacts for further details.
The date of the next meeting and other group news can be found in the current Newsletter.

 Group Contact Phone Venue  Day  Frequency  Time
 Ambling 1  Sue Hodson  01949 875963 Meet by Church House  Monday  Every Week  10.30am
Ambling 2  Judy Soar  01949 837108  Meet in Main Car Park  Tuesday  Fortnightly  1pm 
Ambling 3
Linda Molineaux
01949 21060 Varies      Thursday Fortnightly  Varies 
Art Group  Karen Peters   01949 875406  Karen's House Thursday  check with Karen  2pm 
Art Appreciation

Group No Longer Running

 Autumn Leaves Singing for Fun Need Pianist  Contact Lindsay Evett if you can help Church House  ? ? ?
 Badminton Tracy Kemp  01949 851435  Leisure Centre   Friday Fortnightly  5-6pm 
Book Reading  Jo Barnes 01949 876510  Bingham Library  3rd Tuesday  Monthly 1.30pm 
Board Games  Jeff Peters 
Jackie Hutton
01949 875406 
01949 838140
Bowls Club  2nd Monday       Monthly      Oct - April 7-9pm 
Cinema/Film Joanne Collie
Jackie Hutton 
01949 831899 
01949 838140
The Chesterfield Monday  1st Monthly (except Bank Holidays)  2.30pm 
 Coffee Social Group* Sue Eaton
 Rosie Garner   
01949 839946
 01949 838333
Wetherspoon's Buttercross pub   2nd  Monday Monthly  10.30-12am
Craft  needs to be re-established


Croquet  Trish Tilley 01949 837923 Butt's Field Pavillion Thursday 
May to September
Fortnightly 1.30pm until about 4pm 

Charles Richardson
01949 831602
07490 690157
Buttercross, Market Square  2nd & 4th Tuesday  Twice Monthly  10.30am 
Cycling - Slow & Easy  Charles Richardson 01949 831602 
07490 690157
Buttercross, Market Square  3rd Tuesday  Monthly  10.30am 
 Explorers John Lewis 01949 831530   Various Various   Various Various 
Family History  Carol Robinson  01949 838533  Ask in the Library for help     Not meeting at the moment

 French Conversation 1 Lis Leslie  01949 831682  Member's Homes  Friday  Alternate 2-4pm 
French Conversation 2   Barbara Savage 01949 838782  Member's Homes  Tuesday  2nd & 4th  2-4pm 
French for Improvers Joanne Collie  01949 831899  Old Court House  Tuesday  Alternate Weeks 10am 
German Conversation  Valerie Morgan 0115 9332353  Member's Homes  Thursday  Alternate  2.30-4pm 
Gentle Exercise  Linda Walden  01949 836717  Small Hall, Church House Tuesdays  Weekly  1-2pm 
 Guitar Group
 Theresa Noakes 0771 2273426   ?  ?
 History  Jennie Travers 01949 875107  Church House  Last  Wednesday  Monthly  2.00pm 
I'd like to Have a Go at That Jeff Peters  01949  875406 Various  Various  Various  Various  
Italian for beginners  John Lewis
Rosie Garner 
01949 831530
01949 838333 
Small Hall,
Church House 
Fridays  Weekly 
from Oct 5th
Knitting  Helen Rose  01949 839298  Iris's Home  4th Monday   Monthly 10.30am 
Mobility & Movement1

Ann Lewis 
01949 831530  Methodist Hall  Friday  Weekly  10-11am 
Music Appreciation   Anthony Watts 01949 875968  Members Homes  Last Thursday (usually)  Monthly  2.00pm 
Nature Study  Group closed in Jan 2019
 Still some interest and could retart with new leader

 Petanque/Boules Beryl Kemp  01949 839728
 Grange Hall Grounds, Radcliffe on Trent Friday 1st & 3rd 
until end of September
Photography  Simon Rooke  07714 706114
Room 2 Methodist Centre 1st Friday Monthly 11-12am 
Poetry  Needs to be re-established Contact Ann Keen 07523 0503516

 Popular Music Group  John Lewis 07428 418777 or 01949 831530 Various Music Venues Various  Various  Any 
 Real Ale & Cider Appreciation John Lewis  01949 831530   Various Various  Monthly   Various 
 Recorder Pat Selby   or Viv Dyer   01949 839824   Old Court House Friday  1st & 3rd  10.30-11.30am 
Scrabble Jenny Spencer Royal Oak,        Car Colston Thursday 3rd 2pm

Singing For Fun 

see Autumn Leaves above

Spanish for Improvers Doreen Nuttall 01949 838343 Member's Homes 2nd Wednesday Monthly 2pm
Sunday Lunch - 1  Jill Kent 0115 9334516  Various  1st Sunday  Monthly  12.30pm 
 Sunday Lunch - 2  Margaret Rudkin 01949 877170  Various  3rd Sunday  Monthly  12.30pm 
Table Tennis  Lynne Barnett  01949 875151
Leisure Centre  Tuesdays 1st & 3rd 5 - 6pm 
Theatre Visits   Jackie Hutton 01949 838140 
07443 595653
Various  Various  Various  Various 
Travel/Outings  Carol Habieb  01949 20448  Various  Various  Various  Various 
 1st Wednesday Walking  Judith Williams 01949 837697   Meet Church House for Car Share   1st Wednesday  Various  9.30am 
2nd Wednesday Walking  (longer)  Esme Smith 01949 875148  Meet Church House for Car Share   2nd Wednesday    Monthly  9.00am 
4th Wednesday Walking Richard Barnett
Kathryn Bull 
  01949 875151
01636 525102
Meet Church House for Car Share 
4th Wednesday

 Monthly  9.30am 
Wine Tasting  Lynne Barnett  01949 875151  Various  3rd or 4th Monday  Monthly  2.30pm 

 We are always open to suggestions for new groups Contact Lindsay Evett 01949 851115

*Open Group You do not have to be a U3A member